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Day 7: More Than Enough

Brent Payne September 12, 2023
VIM Essential forces you to focus on your commitment to yourself. This is a skill that will be further honed on your VIM journey through Evolve, Effect and Elite.

This exercise is about you and prosperity consciousness. Ask yourself these questions: How negative have you been in regarding the abundance in your life? Do you see the abundance of everything available to you on this planet? Or, do you see the lack and limitations you have set for yourself? What will it take to make you prosperity-driven? How will you lose your poverty mentality? What do you actually want? Now, Go to your absolute favorite quiet place – this will become your Be Serene spot. In your Be Serene spot, think about these questions. Be thorough. Probe yourself for truth. Give yourself real answers. Make plans to be more prosperity-oriented and to reap the abundance around you. Record your thoughts, answers, and plans in your Journal, and revisit these notes as often as you need to. As always, remember to record the completion of this exercise by hitting the “Mark Complete” button when you’re done.