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Day 5: Yes Man

Brent Payne September 12, 2023
VIM Essential exercises are concentrated and pure. They are designed to let you see the real results you can have as you progress through VIM.

For today, create a new affirmation for each goal you added to your VimBoard yesterday and repeat it throughout the day. Take them out for a test drive. Feel which resonates most with you. Say them aloud for two to three minutes each morning as you awake and again as you begin to drift off in the evening. Repeat a phrase at least twenty times in each of those sessions. Then, you can say them silently to yourself throughout your day, although repeating the affirmation out loud makes it more real. Write them on sticky notes so you can see them regularly. Writing them in cursive 50 times helps strengthen the affirmation. (TIP: If you put the word “affirmation” in Journal entries, you can search for them easily.) Remember the one-two punch: First, always affirm positively in the present tense (I have a million dollars), and, second keep your affirmations short and easy to say. The crucial thing is repetition. The crucial thing is repetition. The crucial thing is repetition. Record your affirmations in your Journal. After you finish, remember to always click the “Mark Complete” button to mark your exercise as finished (or it won’t count).