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Day 3: Seeing Is Believing

Brent Payne September 12, 2023
VIM Essential is an intense 7-day training in a modern version of “The Science Of Getting Rich.” The training becomes richer and fuller as you move further along the VIM path.

Pick a goal, any goal. Choose something small, short-range, and easy to achieve, or choose something massive, life-changing, and a real personal challenge. Visualize yourself achieving that goal. Ask questions: What are the details of the goal? What is your life like? How have you changed? How have you affected others? Describe a picture that symbolizes this goal. Do this with all of the energy and attention that you can muster. Then journal about it. Shoot for at least 300 words. 500 would be better – richer. Click the journal link and record your visualization now. After you finish, remember to always click the “Mark Complete” button to mark your exercise as finished (or it won’t count).