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Day 2: The Write Way

Brent Payne September 11, 2023
VIM Essential will make you aware of things about yourself you may have not known. More and bigger answers and breakthroughs come later as you progress though VIM.

Whether going places or standing still, try to understand what your subconscious is doing, what data it’s receiving, and what it can do with the information it stores. Try to affect your subconscious with positive thoughts. Becoming aware of your subconscious is an important step to maximizing its potential in your life. Journal about the specific role your subconscious plays in the results (both good and bad) you achieve based on the input you are providing. When you journal, remember to make your entries detailed. This is your opportunity to record all of your valuable thoughts. Don’t lose any of them! After you finish your list, remember to always click the “Mark Complete” button to mark your exercise as finished (or it won’t count).