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Day 4: I Do Declare

Brent Payne September 12, 2023
VIM Essential is an intense 7-day training in a modern version of “The Science Of Getting Rich.” The training becomes richer and fuller as you move further along the VIM path.

Get ready to declare – big time! Review your notes and journal entries. Categorize and prioritize your goals and enter them in your Journal. Then go to the global VimBoard and pick and choose your goals and set deadlines. We suggest that you limit your goals to 6-10 for now. You will have opportunities for adding new goals or refining those you have later on in the VIM program. Your personal VimBoard will be your home screen for the VIM App from now on. It’s the key to visualizing your goals and achieving them successfully. Now, post your goals in several places – your office, your bathroom mirror, and on the dashboard of your car. Be open and declare your goals. Create energy that will make the achievement of your goals inevitable – a foregone conclusion. Ready, set, go VIM – record and declare your goals in your Journal, on your VimBoard, and aloud, to your friends, family, and associates. Have fun and remember to mark complete to show that this exercise as completed.